Friday, August 13, 2010


Updating this from a rented house about eight hours away from home (and my scanner, RAWR). I kinda sorta had another attack of life, which is why I haven't updated this in weeeeeeeeeeks. MetroCon totally fried my brain for a week, then I kinda got temporarily grounded for whining at my dad, THEN we came up here so I could tour a school campus that I'm going to apply to for next year. But I'll be home by Monday--hopefully with an update! X333

ALSO, I figured y'all would be interested in this--there was a Slender Man at MetroCon! Seriously, I could not make this crap up. I was waiting in line for the anime human chess match and BOOM! There he was across the floor, kinda lurking around Artist's Alley. It was an epic costume, too, the dude must've been wearing stilts or something. I'll try to draw the scene in my book. Anyway, so he was just kinda hanging out, and I watched him for a must've been hard to keep still with all those people jostling around. Then I lost sight of him for a second 'cos this guy in a HUGE costume of Aku from Samurai Jack went past, and he was gone. 8D Props to whoever that guy/girl was~

Anyway, yeah. Back on topic. Posting soon, watching moar Marble Hornets and shiz, blah blah blah. Look forward to it. X3's also Friday the 13th. 8D HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLENDER MAN!