Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Still Alive

*cue Portal music*

I know, I know. "What the hell, Z? It's only been, like, five months--where the hell have you been?" Sorry to say, real life takes precedence over Slenderblogging, as much as I've been /dying/ to keep watching Marble Hornets. Especially since there are apparently more of them now! And these "EverymanHYBRID" and "TribeTwelve" things I've been hearing about? Well, I suppose I'll just have to wait and see~

It's probably going to take a while longer for me to get back into this. Lots of IRL stress, and I kinda have this...I dunno, a feeling that maybe I /shouldn't/ get back into the videos. Like, not that it'll be a waste of time--just that I really, really shouldn't jump back in. I dunno. Hopefully as soon as I can get past the mental block or whatever, I'll be back on track.

In other news, if the Omega who commented on my last post is still flitting around--does that answer your question? ^^;;;


  1. You'll probably go insane if you try to catch up with everything now. Not because some faceless dude in a suit will start stalking you, but because at this point, there are over a hundred blogs, and a good number of vlogs, and it sounds like you already have a busy life. That said, your early notes were entertaining, and I wouldn't mind seeing more.

    Also, Omega has an informative blog of his own now, which can be found at If you want, you can probably contact him there.

  2. Thanks a bunch! I've sent him a message now. I may have to wait until summer to start in on this again, but I'll get back on-track ASAP. ^^

  3. "real life takes precedence over Slenderblogging"

    That sounds like defeatist talk to me.

    Good to see you're still amongst the living!


    You're actually one of the first blogs I found, just because I was looking for "The Slenderblog," since that was the original name of my blog. It's Slenderbloggins now, but...yeah. Another informative blogger.

    And don't listen to the people who say to listen to Omega. I'm the real expert here. *hides from everyone who would probably disagree*


  5. Ignore this Andy man. He will try to lead you down the path of falsehood and lies. Also he steals candy from babies and laughs about it.

  6. Pfft, yeah, sure. Incidentally, I have video proof that Omega enjoys playing game of Tethercat, and actually organized a tethercat league a while back. That's right. He organized a league where people try to hit a live cat on a string around a pole. Well, the cat's live at first, at the very least.

    But no, seriously, you should read my blog instead of his. My font is sexier.