Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Another Fool - Notes #1

RIGHT. I would've done this last night, but I didn't think I'd have so many problems with my camera. So I just said "screw this" and scanned everything up. But since I have a stupid curfew, I had to wait 'til this morning. Myyyyyyybad. xDDD


This is the notebook I'm using. X3 Lovely, huh? I like having stuff written down longhand, or I'd just type it all up as I this way I can check stuff out and take notes from my phone, when I have time~


Everything I got from Friday night and last night. All of the July and August entries, and the first September entry. Guess most of it is pretty self-explanatory... I feel scared, my house is surrounded by trees. xDDD Although Slendy supposedly goes after people who live in the middle of nowhere, so I should be safe~

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